Unity Ceremonies

Unity Ceremonies are used to signify the unity of two people or two families. There are many variations on traditional unity ceremonies that can include children, extended family, and friends.

New Traditions has a wide range of choices including a Sand Ceremony, Water Ceremony, Wine Ceremony, Wine Box Ceremony, Salt Covenant, Jumping the Broom, Circling, Knot Tying, Handfasting, Science Based ceremonies and more!

Do you like a traditionally religious Unity Ceremony but don’t like it’s religious elements?

We can write a secular version of almost any Unity Ceremony, not matter what it’s origin is!

Contact us now to learn what New Traditions can do for you!

New Traditions Unity Ceremonies - Tying the Knot

Guy & Emily literally tying the knot!

New Traditions Unity Ceremonies - Wine Box Ceremony        New Traditions Unity Ceremonies - Sand Ceremony